2016 Dream Big Blue Ribbon Small Business Award Winner!

2016 Dream Big Blue Ribbon Small Business Award Winner!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce today announced MasterCare of Columbus, NE as a winner of its annual DREAM BIG Blue Ribbon Small Business Awards®, recognizing 100 companies for their success and their contributions to America’s economic growth and vitality

Enhance the bath experience with MasterCare

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  • Presidents’ Day

    MasterCare celebrates President’s Day, honoring the memory of George Washington, extraordinary leader and “Father” of our country. Examples like these guide our work. We honor our country by putting our most careful attention to every detail of our products and services to contribute to the welfare and dignity of our compatriots and in particular to […]

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    Meet Wade Kluck!

    Wade Kluck has been the draftsman of MasterCare for over 4 years. He joined the MasterCare family right after he graduated from CCC. His work at MasterCare reaches several areas: prototyping, drafting and troubleshooting. Wade is one of the key players in developing new products that help relieve elders and residents needs in care communities. […]

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  • Bathing Etiquette

    It can be a difficult transition to rely on someone else for something as personal as bathing. At times, it’s a challenge for the caregiver to ensure the senior gets the hygiene they require while staying respectful to the bather. Playing music and keeping a smooth conversation going can ease tension. At MasterCare, we kept […]

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    Caregivers’ Love

    Time passes, we see our elders grow old, and we know little about their affective needs. Our occupations in life, seeking sustenance, often for themselves, distract us from the privilege of offering them the love and time they need from us, in the measure and quality they need. Caregivers in the care communities are a […]

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  • Meet Gina Rosse-Westra!

    Gina Rose-Westra has being part of the MasterCare family for over 14 years, as Business Generation Specialist with our sale team. During this time, her work has been of great value to the growth of MasterCare, generating new sales and giving attention to our existing customers. Gina got her love and passion from her father […]

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    Who, being loved, is poor? – Oscar Wilde

    1 2 3 4 5 Love, in all its forms, is a source of joys and challenges regardless of age. But, interestingly enough, several studies have shown positive health consequences. With love, increases the production of certain hormones in the brain linked to cognitive functions and voluntary movement. For older people, loving and being loved […]

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  • Meet Oelis Nodal!

    Oelis Nodal Years with MasterCare 2 years and 8 months Job Title Production Supervisor Responsibilities Supervising production employees, continued training for assembly and ensuring quality workmanship of products Where does your passion for MasterCare come from? My passion for MasterCare came from my work environment What are your hobbies outside of work? My hobbies are […]

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    Meet Tiffany Rayback!

    Years with MasterCare 14 Job Title VP of Operations Responsibilities Overseeing daily operations and all departments Where does your passion for MasterCare come from? I love helping people and I feel like the products we make are of high quality and truly help the caregiver and individual using the products. They are are built with […]

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  • Meet Kelly Burge!

    Years with MasterCare 2 ½ years Job Title Sales Executive Responsibilities Sales What are your hobbies outside of work? Bowling, crafts, reading and spending time with family and friends! Where does your passion for MasterCare come from? My mom. In 2013 she fell and broke her right arm and left leg. She was in a […]

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    What is the Entreé Spa Tub?

    The MasterCare Entrée Spa Tub is the IDEAL side entry spa system for your Assisted Living or Elder Care community.  Customers supporting Elders with Dementia or Alzheimer’s find the Entree very appealing.  Hospice, Rehab, and LTC communities also use the Entrée spa tub to transform their residents’ hygiene! Your Entreé Spa Tub provides easy and safe […]

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